Monday, May 10, 2010


I know, I know, I know.  I'm incredibly far behind.  Let's do a bullet style recap.

  • Saturday May 1st:  I was privileged to have 2 seperate speaking engagements at 2 different Ladies Banquets.  Mom and my SIL Amy went with me to offer moral support and more than a few laughs.  There was an incident with a McDonald's drive through window that was simply hilarious.
  • Tuesday May 4th:  This is kinda lame I know but I had a blast.  I went to a MaryKay party with my other 2 SILs.  I've never been to a MaryKay party so I was impressed by the entire event.  I had fun, spent way too much money on eye shadow, and laughed at my SILs and myself.
  • Wednesday May 5th:  Somehow in the span of 3 hours we managed to have Johanna t-shirts made for our family for a right for life walk we'll be going to this coming Saturday.  They're cute and I can't wait to get them back.
  • Thursday May 6th:  Mom and I picked up a lot of the food for our churches Ladies Banquet on Friday.  We literally purchased enough salad to require one of Sams' flat bed carts to get to the car.  It was insanely hilarious.  Thursday evening Chad and I had a working date night.  One of the guys in our youth group was in his High School's spring drama production of the adaptaion of "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" entitled "Big River".  It was simply amazing.  This HS recently won first place in the NC acting competition.  They are going to the national competition in Nebraska in June.  They really did earn first place.  They are an amazing group of young adults.
  • Friday May 7th:  Our annual Ladies Banquet was Friday evening.  We had about 170 ladies in attendance.  Our theme was God's Princess and it was really cool to reflect on the royalty that we have in Christ.
  • Saturday May 8th:  I went shopping with my friend.  Had fun, ate a wonderful lunch, and bought a maxi dress that I LOVE!!!  Chad's day was most definitely more interesting than mine.  As I mentioned our SIL was thrown from her horse and sustained multiple injuries that required surgery.  Chad was the closest family member and he could get to her more quickly than her husband and the EMS.  The hubs is incredibly calm(he lacks the panic gene like I do) so he was the perfect person to wait with Trish and help her to remain calm.  Clayton was with his Daddy so he went too and talked to Trish(or "Tree" as he calls her) while they waited and the EMS.  And since then Clayton has been telling everybody "Tree got hurt" but "Doctor fix her".  It's sweet.  Trish is doing well considering her injuries.  Please continue to pray for her and her husband.  She has a long recovery road ahead of her but she's more than capable of doing this.  Saturday evening Chad was once again summoned to help his family with a health issue with his mother.  She too had to go to the hospital but was quickly treated and sent home to rest.  Please also pray for Chad's parents in these days.  It was definitely an interesting day for the hubs.
  • Sunday May 9th:  Mother's Day.  It really was a wonderful day.  We spent a part of the day running errands for the infirmed but we giggled and had fun doing it.  We checked out a fantastic new Greek/Italian restaurant.  I had baklava for dessert.  I LOVE baklava and nobody ever makes it in our little small town so I was very excited to see that on the menu.  My boys gave me a Massage/Manicure/Pedicure for Mother's Day.  They know me so very well.  The day was definitely bitter sweet at best.  I'm grateful and honored to be a mother.  But spending the day without one of my children was definitely difficult.  But we did it.  And Chad made the day fun.
That's been our week in shortened form.  It's been crazy with no signs of letting up soon.


Mommy said...

next time you speek I want to go. U did an awesome job at the ladies banquet! I am also looking forward to seeing the shirts made for johannah on sat :)