Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Names

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I decided this weeks Show Us Your Life was too good not to get it on.  I love names and what they mean and signify.  I do however like names to be names and sound like names.  I personally don't prefer people to be named after places, adjectives, or adverbs.  It's just a personal preference that's all.  I also like to use family names, names that will still be appropriate as adults(because I think a lot of people name their babies names that are cute for babies but they kinda grow out of them), and names that are easy to spell.  I shouldn't have to tell his pediatricians office how to spell his name every time I call.

 Clayton Avery

Clayton is my paternal grandmother's maiden name.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this name for a boy.  It felt like a name that he could really grow in to and not out of.  It's not hip or contemporary.  In fact I think the last time that the name Clayton was in the top 10 of baby names was some time in the 19th century(seriously).  We emphasize the "t".  Yes we do live in the south so a lot of times the "t" is not even pronounced and that's OK.  But that's the only reason his name is not Jacob.  I was afraid it would be pronounced Jac-up and that would drive me nuts.

Avery is Chad's middle name.  It was also his father's middle name and his grandfather's middle name.  We always knew that the first boy we were to have would have the middle name Avery.  I love that name.

Johanna Raye

Johanna's name is a little different than Clayton's.  The first Johanna that I ever met was a girl I worked with many moons ago at the hospital.  I fell in love with that name.  And Chad has always wanted a daughter named Jo.  Perfect.  When we found out that JoJo was going to be a girl, she basically named herself.  And then to learn that Johanna means "God is Gracious"...........well it was the perfect name for this special little girl.
Raye is my maternal grandmother's middle name and her preferred name.  It's just a great southern name for a girl.  I would(and might one day in honor/memory of Johanna) name a daughter Raye and call her that.  I just love the name Raye.

One day down the road we hope to have more babies(a long way down the road).  And being the over planner that I am you know I have names ready.  Here's my list with a brief explanation of why.

  • Seth Douglas = Seth means "compensation".  We mulled over that name for Clayton but it wasn't for him.  But if we have a boy after getting to send Johanna back to the Father I think the name fits.  And Douglas is my Dad's given name.  The next boy we have will have Douglas as a middle name.
  • Raye Anne = I'm not 100 percent sure on the spelling because of my weird spelling quirks.  Ann is my paternal grandmother's name and we would like to use it somewhere down the line.  I like it spelled with the extra "e" just because it looks more even.  Don't ask.......I'm just strange.
  • Caroline = a play on my mother's given name
  • Cole = we just like it
That's my names.  I love names and I really love names that have a special meaning.  After all you(and your children) have to live with your name for your entire life.


Shelley said...

Hi! I am coming over from Kelly's Korner! I love your names and how you chose them.

I love the name Raye as well! I have a friend who's grandmother was Rae and her husband's grandmother was Anne and they combined the names for the first name of Raeann for their first daughter. Such a beautiful name!

Have a good weekend!

Allison said...

I love baby names too! :)

Kelly said...

Love those names! I really like using family names!

Jamie Lynn said...

I love names too!!
Joshua Aden or Zachary Aden. I haven't decided yet. I just love Aden and I like the name Zachary too..

Emilyn Irene:)
Emilyn is just a neat name to me and Irene is Mawmaw's name!

Clyde Canton.
I love the name Clyde. & Canton is just neat. I honestly saw it on a road sign and loved it!!

Hahaha, I don't even have a boyfriend and I have my childs name picked out.