Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday......I'm in Love

So I was told today that there are a very select few of you that log on mainly to see pictures of Clayton.  And from that I gathered that I don't post nearly enough pictures of Clayton for the taste of some of ya'll.  I have now seen the error of my ways and will attempt to do better in the future. 

So for the two of you that wanted to see more Clayton, here you go.

I deemed this Clayton's "Michael Jackson" look.  It's the glove.
I'm guessing the gloved look kinda gets old(and I don't know why Clayton and Emma have taken all the pillows off of the couch.  Wonders never cease.)
Yeah that glove has got to go!

I have no idea where he found the inspiration for this outfit.  But he came prancing out of his room like this last Friday.  If he pops out with a red leather coat I'm running away.  

We took him to see his first movie this afternoon.  He saw Shrek 4 on the "big TV" and loved it.  He did great.  He sat very still and watched the entire movie without a peep.  We shall have to do that again.


Monica said...

Garrett will run around with one glove also! Maybe it is a boy thing! I love that red hair! Very cute!

Kelly said...

He is such a cutie! And I agree- you don't post enough pics of him! :)