Monday, June 14, 2010

What do you think.............

..............I paid for all of this?

I don't even know if you can see everything that's in there.

6 Renuzit Air Freshner thingies
1 Schick Super Powerful Awesome(that's the official name) Razor(Free after Q's and ECB and I think there's a rebate floating around for it too)
1 Huggies Diaper

Harris Teeter
3 Gillette Clinical Strength Deo's(this is Chad's new fave so I stocked up)
Neutrogena Men's Face Cleanser(I found this on the clearance rack and got it for $1.16)
Kraft Salad Dressing(.50 cents)
Meuller's Spaghette(FREE)
Country Crock Butter (.60 cents)
2 Oscar Meyer Beef HotDogs(they aren't Ball Park but they were at a great price so I improvised)
1 pack marked down Angus Chuch Steak(this will become our favorite Mexican dish for dinner tonight)
1 pack marked down Chicken Thighs

Yellow Squash
Yellow Pepepr
Red Pepper
Orange Pepper
10 Jalapenos
2 packs Colby Cheese
1 pack Monterey Jack Cheese

I paid..............

Drumroll Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I could have had a few more things but some of the best deals at my local CVS were already gone.  I think I'll hit up another one after class today and see of they have the products I couldn't get in MoTown. 

A word to the wise(or at least those of us that wish to maintain a little bit of our integrity).  Play by the coupon rules.  I saw a fellow couponer called on the carpet this morning for trying to use multiple CVS cards in different names to get the same deals over and over.  She wasn't bright enough to get away with it because she tried to use the different cards in different names on the same cashier(who happened to be the store manager).  They wouldn't sell her any products on the additional cards she was trying to use and then asked her to leave the store.  She was very rude and became beligerent with the CVS staff.  Stuff like this makes us all look like morons.  I am all about getting the absolute very best deal for my money and work very hard to do so.  And I feel the store should honor the deals/promotions they are advertising(sometimes a specific store or store manager doesn't like to cooperate).  But when the system is taken advantage of by some the whole thing gets ruined for the rest of us.  So if you coupon play by the rules.

Happy Savings!


Holly said...

Awesome! My sister is really getting into couponing and she's doing really well with it!

Jules said...

I was going to guess $20. I'm a saver too and CVS is one of my favorite places to go to save. If you play your cards right, or extra bucks, you can really wrack up for less.

And yes, at least go out to your car and change your look if your going to be dishonest about it. Good grief ppl! I mean seriously, did she really think she'd get away with it? And don't be rude when you get caught, run out of the store embarrassed at least.

Kelly said...

Woohoo!!! Great job!!! I {heart} CVS and Aldi especially!! :)

It's so awful for people to not play by the rules- it hurts everyone. Our local CVS will not accept internet printable coupons because of fraud :( I had someone think that I was cheating once because I had my Mom's CVS card still on my keychain with the new one I got after Jacob and I got married. I had just forgotten to take Mom's off- I made sure to get it off after that experience!

Swartzmomto3 said...

Way to go Nikki! I know how much fun it is to come home with so much stuff and still have money in my pocket! I agree, play by the coupon rules or it makes all us couponers look bad!!

Valerie said...

I just want to let you know I have secretly been following your blog on occassions. I found you when doing a search for other mother's that have experience some of the things I have...just for people that understand me I guess. Now I notice you're a couponing nut just like me too! I keep all my blogger mom's in my prayers as well...and keep up on the blogging journey...I do enjoy reading!! :-)

Donna said...

I love those stores best deal was once at Kroger when they had triple couponing and got $121 of groceries for $51...I thought that was got me beat!