Saturday, June 5, 2010

Little League

This morning Chad, Clayton, and I went to Zach's baseball game.  Zach is the nephew of my BIL(Andrew) and SIL(Trish).  They are raising Zach as their own son and doing an amazing job if I do say so myself.  He's thriving with them.  All 3 of us just adore Zach(especially Clayton).

The game went well.  His team lost but I'm not 100 percent sure that they even keep score.  Zach hit an RBI and made a great stop at his position.
Clayton ran and climbed the fence.
And attempted to lick his nose clean like a cow.  Nice!
Chad our sherpa.
And we finished off our morning with a little celebratory Mexican food.  I don't know what we were celebrating but the food was great.
As was the chocolate milk.


Jules said...

Great pics! Enjoyed looking at them.