Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Love Their Husbands Tuesday

I think I'll link up with Lauren again this week for "To Love Their Husbands Tuesday".  Why?  Because it's hard.  And I have an easy person to love.  At least in my opinion anyway, some peeps think Chad is kind of hard to love.  They can be wrong if they want.  So how have I love my husband this week?
  • He mowed grass in 95 degree weather.  I randomly took him a bottle of water.
  • Chad doesn't really like chicken all that much.  I think the years growing up on a commercial poultry farm kinda did him in as far as chicken is concerned.  I try not to fix it a lot because he doesn't care for it.  But when I do fix it I cut it into the tiniest imaginable pieces.  Pieces the size of my fingernails.  Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup sized pieces.  Tiny!  It takes forever but that's what he prefers.  Why would I not want to accommodate him in this area?
  • I've learned to love cabbage because he loves it so much.  I didn't not like it at all a few years ago but I started experimenting with a few different ways to cook it and I've since became a major fan.  So I can add that to the list of things that I can cook and know he will be very happy with.  Now greens, pickled beets, and boiled eggs are another subject completely.  I just can't do it.
I've not done much this past week to show him that I love him.  In fact I don't feel like I do much any week to show him that I love him.  But I try.  And in any marriage 1+1=1.  Since we are 1 I need to make more of an effort to act like it.

Now Chad is getting ready to show me how much he loves me and go to the DA's office and attempt to get a "violation" that I received taken care of.  And he clipped my coupons for me yesterday.  YAY!!


Lauren said...

Thanks so much for linking up with us today! It sounds like you are a wonderful wife married to a wonderful man!!! Any guy that clips coupons is a KEEPER!! :) Have a wonderful week!

Emma and Company said...

I think what you do for him shows how much you love him! It is those sweet, little things that mean the most sometimes! I can tell how much love and respect you both have for each other! By the way-I know my husband loves me, but he would NEVER clip my coupons for me! :)

Kelly said...

What sweet things to do for your man! I know he's a great guy too- clipping your coupons :)

Holly said...

I'm sure he appreciates the little things you do and vice versa!

Heather said...

Cutting up chicken that small sure is love:-) I'm glad he's showing you the love back, that always makes the effort even more "worthwhile"!