Tuesday, June 29, 2010

To Love Their Husbands Tuesday

Once again I'm linking up with Lauren at Living by Faith for "To Love Their Husbands Tuesday"(but I guess you could tell that by the title).

Here's how I helped the hubs this week.
  • We had VBS last week.  Chad is the principal / director(I can't remember what the official title is) and I guess that makes me his personal assistane.  I didnt' know that was in the job description when we said "I do".  Anyway I love VBS and like to go all out for the week.  So to help him make this VBS fantastic I did all of the computer work so we could utilize the screen at our church.  Chad is most definitely not a fan of the computer.  And I'm addicted to my lappy.  I worked up all the computer stuff, filled out the certificates, and washed his special VBS t-shirt every day so it wouldn't be all stinky by Friday.
  • You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy.  That describes my husband to a tee.  He loves all things western.  So I'm currently watching "The Man From Snowy River" while I do the stuff that needs doing around the house.  This is one of Chad's all time faves and I've never watched it because it's not really my thing.  And when I do sit down to watch it with him I apparently ask too many questions and irritate him.  
That's what I've done and am doing to love the hubs.  There's one more thing but I'll share it later in the week.


Holly said...

That's sweet you watched the movie.

Lauren said...

I love the man from snowy river!! GREAT movie!! :)

Thanks for linking up - you're a wonderful VBS wife!

Jamie Lynn said...

I love The Man From Snowy River.
I like the McGregor Saga.. but my VCR ate it when I was like 15:(.

Welp, obviously me and Chad grew up together lol

I think it's awesome what you have done for him this week:) love you!