Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday......I'm in Love

No work today. So very excited to have a Friday off. I actually have a lot of Fridays off, but I still get excited about each and every on of them. Here's what we're into on this fantastic, no work, raining cats and dogs Friday.

  • This morning Chad and I had an appointment to meet with the neonatologist(s) that will be with us when Johanna is born. May I just say "WOW". They were great. Both physicians and their RN were completely on board with what we want for her when she's born. Comfort care and time. They were in agreement with everything that we have planned, and even made a few suggestions about some things that we hadn't thought of. I may or may not share these with ya'll. Simply because we're still working all of the details out in our minds.
  • Chad is currently sweeping and mopping our entire house(we have tile and hardwoods) for me. It seriously makes my back throb to mop, and he just does a bang up job when he mops.
  • Clayton is taking a super long nap. He and I were up late last night, so he's chillin' in his crib.
  • Chad and I cruised around Walmart after our appointment with the neonates, and had a ball. We didn't really purchase anything crazy, but it was just fun to roam around together.
  • We have some peeps coming over tonight to just hang out and have fun. I'm thinking a game of Scrabble is in order. Ya'll know my obsession with words, so that is right up my alley. I think I'll school Chad in some serious elementary fun. Hehe
  • I truly enjoyed our ladies Bible Study last night. They surprised me with a gift just for Jo's mommy. I had requested to not have a baby shower, but they found a fantastic way to minister to just me. It was so sweet. But, more than that I enjoyed our study. We are studying the prophets this year, and last nights study was of Habakkuk. It was just a great study, and great lessons learned.
That's my day today. We have a busy weekend, but that's not unusual. Friday.......I'm in Love!!


Jamie Lynn said...

I've never played Scrabble by keeping score. Ha, first time for everything. We all know that you will win because you know all those big words & whatnot!
Way excited!

Pam said...

Just stopping in to see how you are doing and if there is anything I can be doing for you. Of course continued prayer is always being done.
I hope you are having a good Monday.
Love the new look on the blog...very cool.
I changed mine but I don't like it. Will play at lunch and see what happens.
Laboring With You,
Doula Mama