Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday......I'm in??

............a mess

Normally I would say, Friday I'm in love. But, on this crazy insane Friday, I'm gonna say I'm in one hot mess. Seriously.

Warning..............this might be gross to you fairer stomached individuals. Consider yourselves warned.

Chad has been kinda under the weather since Tuesday. Cold and congestion. Nothing major just aggravating. He was actually feeling pretty good last night. Except for a nagging headache. Around midnight he started vomiting. The kind of vomiting that comes up from your toe nails. Again, vomiting in and of itself I don't get too concerned about normally. Here's where I officially change my position on vomit. First, if the patient in question is a diabetic(Chad is Type 1) then vomiting can be very serious. There's a whole slew of complications that can rear their ugly glucose shaped heads if vomiting continues. We have dealt with DKA(diabetic ketoacidosis, it's serious, google it and enjoy) in the past, and I most certainly did not want to spend the weekend in the ICU again. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Second, when vomiting continues for 8 plus hours, there's obviously a problem. Houston, we have a problem. Seriously, except for a cat nap a few minutes ago, I've been up since midnight. Also, Chad had no fever last night, but this morning it started around 100 and just kept on a climbing. We finally tipped the scales at 102.5 here at the house.

I called his PCP(primary care physician) and got him an appointment ASAP. They are always great to work him in very quickly. As time progressed Chad began to feel more and more poorly. At one point he asked me to take him to the ER. That's so very not Chad. And I would have, except it was time to leave for the PCP, and we all know the PCP is MUCH cheaper than the ER. Got the hubs to the MD office, they check his temp and it's now at a nice 105. Seriously, 105. That's insane. He did get to sport a nice little mask around the MD office, like he had the Ebola Virus or something. When we do it, we do it up right. They tested him for the flu(we're seriously having a run on the flu, swine and non-swine in our area). Thankfully his flu test was negative. What did they diagnose him with? "Flu Like Virus" What does that even mean? I work in medicine and don't what that means. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck. His PCP was actually very surprised that the test was negative. He's treating him like he has the flu, except he didn't give Chad a prescription of Tamiflu. That's cool too, because Chad couldn't swallow or keep them down anyway. Chad did get a nice rump shot of Phenargan that has knocked him flat of his back.

At this point, he has been able to keep down about 10 sips of G2(low sugar Gatorade). And when I just check on him, he was sweating up a storm. I'm hoping the fever is breaking, or at the very least coming down to a manageable level. Keep reading there's more.

I contacted my doctor and Clayton's pediatrician to see if he or I needed to take any extra precautions or if we needed any kind of treatments. They both said no, but to call back if anything changed. Well in about 30 minutes, we had a change. My MIL, who was being so very helpful, and had agreed to keep Clayton over night and part of the day tomorrow called and said that Clayton was running a fever of 101. Fantastic. I called the pediatrician back, and said OK, now what? They advised keeping him at home, and treating symptoms. OK, that I can do. I don't particularly want to take my maybe sick child to the germ infested lobby otherwise known as the pediatrician's office smack dab in the middle of the worst flu season in years. As of now, Clayton's napping. He didn't eat any part of his corn dog for lunch, but he finished off his juice quite nicely. I'm hopeful that whatever he has is just a mild version of what his Daddy has.

One more thing, then I promise I'm done. I went to the pharmacy to get Chad's Phenergan suppositories(I'm not telling you which one in case you work there), and that was a disaster. I wait my turn in the very long line, make my way to the counter, and give the "friendly" cashier Chad's stats and what I need. I had to spell "Chad" 3 times. C-H-A-D!!! It's really not a hard name. Then she proceeds to tell me his prescription is not ready. What??? I left the MD office 1 1/2 hours prior to going to the pharmacy. What in sam hill is taking so long? I ask her how much longer it would be. She answers me in the most non-chalant tone, "I dunno". What??? How can you not know? You work here, I don't. I ask again, all the while maintaining a thin layer of composure. She tells me it will be another hour or longer before the script is ready. Seriously??? It's suppositories. They don't have to be compounded. I very politely(as politely as I could muster) RUN AWAY from the counter and proceed to text my mother and vent. I wanted to launch into a rant about the importance of keeping diabetics hydrated, and avoiding vomiting at ALL costs. I also wanted to jump up and down and say I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant, if you couldn't tell, help out a fellow sister, and just put the suppositories in a box, slap a label on it, and let me leave. Instead I just ran away. I will have to go back in a little while and get the drugs, but that's OK, if my hubs needs them. I'm sure he would do the same for me. Right? Right?

Anyway, it's been a kinda crazy day. I'm not complaining at all(well maybe a little bit about the pharmacy, but the rest is just life). We don't get sick very often at all around our house, so we're very fortunate. I think I'm gonna bake now. Although, I don't know why anyone would eat anything that was cooked in this germ bowl of a house.

"Mama called the doctor, doctor said, no more babies jumping on the bed"

"This is the day which the Lord hath made; I will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24


Allison said...

Oh No! :( I cant even imagine! You dealt with the pharmacy issue in a much nicer manner than I would have been able to! I hope they start feeling better soon and you dont have to make any more doctors office visits!

Jamie Lynn said...

Chad? It spells itself & it's a country............??
Crazyy! Ha, that's one of the first words I could spell.
Talk about S-L-O-W!

Sorry you had such a rough day!
Love yuns!

April said...

LOL what a post to read for the first time visiting :) YOu made me laugh, sorry it was at your expense. I think I would have ran into a hole and cried if I was needed in SO many places at once. I would have stayed their even longer if I was that pregnant :) COngratulations on that. I do hope everyone is back to normal soon!!

Lucy and Ethel said...

Yikes - what a day!!!

Can you find a big hole for tomorrow?!?!?

C-H-A-D??? That's S-A-D.

Hope tomorrow is MUCH better and uneventful!