Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Friday.......I'm in Love

I just always seem to have this song in my head on Fridays. Time for some randomness(thanks for the word Colby!!)

  • I'm going to the horse sale tonight to begin to look for a horse for myself. Stop laughing. I mean it. Chad loves to ride, and I would like to maybe enjoy that with him. I'm not planning to buy tonight, I'm just looking. I want a spotty horse(yes Jamie I know it's called a paint, I just like saying spotty), with a pink bridle and saddle. I'm cool like that. And if I get a horse, I can finally justify buying a pair of Fat Baby boots. I've wanted a pair for years, but could never reason it out in my mind. Now stop laughing at me. I mean it.
  • I may or may not have left a patient in the waiting room this afternoon for over an hour. All the while thinking to myself that had just not shown for their appointment. And when the lady pointed out my mistake, I may or may not have felt like a total dolt.
  • I'm seriously craving some fries from Zaxby's right now. I love them. They're cooked perfectly and seasoned just right.
  • We had to rearrange and re-do Clayton's bedroom last night because he broke his bookshelf yesterday morning. Don't ask how, because I don't know. It just happened. I was drying my hair and hear a crash and "Uh-Oh". Never a good combination.
  • It's been eight years since 9/11/01. That's hard to believe. I'm grateful for all of the men and women in our Armed Services and Civil Services that keep work so very diligently to keep my family safe. You're seriously under paid and under recognized. Keep it up. Thanks.

That's all I got today. Have a great weekend.


Jamie Lynn said...

Hahaha, this "spotty horse" got off of a trailer last horsesale & Chad said "there's a Nikki horse" & I said "what?" & he said "she calls them dalmation horses".
You want like an appaloosa (that's a dalmation horse).
They are different than paints.
Or maybe you want a paint, who knows.
Ha, love you!