Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tending the Sick....Day #2

Well, today has been a much better day than yesterday. Both patients still have a fever, but both are low grade and are easily managed now with Tylenol.

Chad seems to be on the mend. Now don't misread that for well. He's still vomiting some, but now it's every 6 hours instead of every hour, so that's a major improvement. He's been able to keep liquids down today. We've finally advanced to soup and Jello. Aren't you proud!!

And yes, I did finally get his medicine from the pharmacy. After I went back a second time, and they couldn't find the prescription. This time I had my sick 19 month old with me, and I refused to leave until they found his meds. Take that pharmacy. I won.

Clayton actually seems to be about the same as he was yesterday, so I'm not sure what his deal really is. He has a low grade fever, mild congestion, and some diarrhea. Other than that he seems OK. He's still playing and doing all of his normal stuff. We did teach him to signal touchdown this afternoon. Super cute.

So, we're chillin' at home, and just waiting for this plaque to pass over. All the while wishing we were at our Youth Revival that is scheduled for right now. In fact, this was the last weekend before Johanna is due that we had extra events(besides the normal CARE and church). We had purposefully cleared our calendar for October. Oh well, I guess the Lord decided to clear our calendar for us a little earlier.

We're gonna finish watching the Bama game, and then head to bed. That's my plan anyway. Clayton is on his way to the bath tub, and then in to some new glow in the dark pajamas. That way he can find himself in the middle of the night.

Hopefully tomorrow will show even more improvement.


Jamie Lynn said...

I just picture Clayton laying in his bed & seeing that his pj's glow in the dark & going "OHHH!"
Hahahaha, too cute.

Mom bought him a harmonica today. I tried to talk her into the glowstick recorder but hahaha oh well.

Glad they are on the mend!