Sunday, September 27, 2009

Unusual Sunday

Normally on "Any Given Sunday" we're at church ready to worship. We're there for Sunday School, Sunday Morning Service, Youth Meeting at 4:30(always Chad, not always me), Sunday Evening Service, and Youth Choir Practice. Needless to say, Sundays are full days. It's probably our busiest day of the week. We usually throw in lunch, and a tee tiny bit of the Panthers game, just to round things out.

However, today we're hanging out at the house. When both boys woke up today, everyone was fever free. Chad's broke sometime in the night, and I guess Clayton's did the same. They are both absolutely worn out from whatever this mess is that they have. At the current moment they are both napping off their morning adventures of breakfast. Seriously, that's all they've been able to accomplish since 6am(yes we were up early, Clayton was not a happy camper this morning). Hopefully today will mark the turning point, and we will be on the road to recovery.

Since, the boys have been way under the weather, they(and by they I mean Chad) have had control of the TV remote control. Note to self: next time we get grody consumption that requires us to stay in our house, HIDE THE REMOTE!! I'm so very tired of boy TV. I can now fish the Everglades, kill an alligator with a cross bow, build a tree blind out of an old truck, rebuild a Shelby GT 500, drag race with efficiency, and recite the entire line up for the New York Yankees. Now, I love College Football, and really do enjoy watching those games. I actually look forward to it. And that Bama game last night was GREAT!! That is as far as my man card goes though. I DO NOT WANT TO WATCH ANY MORE BOY TV. Enough. However, with it being Sunday morning there is nothing on my girl channels worth watching. Even Food Network has let me down. So, I'm watching "The Plague" on the History Channel. I'm learning what to do if the Bubonic Plague rears its ugly head again. It's good to be me.

I miss church today, and would much rather be there. Soon enough we will be back in circulation again.


Allison said...

Im so glad that the boys are feeling better but dang, thats is a lot of boy tv! I feel for ya! Now that they dont have fevers, kick them out and settle down to watch the HGTV channel! :) It never lets me down! :)

Kelly said...

You never fail to make me laugh! :) Glad you've been learning so many helpful things the last few days...never know when you'll be able to put all that knowledge to use! :)

I'm glad they are feeling better. Hope everyone is back to normal very soon! You take care of yourself too.

Jamie Lynn said...

Nikki, if you know how to do all that you are every man's dream.
So if it wasn't for Chad, men would be chasing you. Hahahaha, however, if it wasn't for Chad you wouldn't know all those things:)
I'm glad they are better!

Simply Donna...... said...

So glad the guys are feeling better. I am just hoping that you don't get it.

Does that mean you are looking forward to work tomorrow???