Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Did I Really Say That?

There are time when you're dreaming about having babies that you think everything will be sunshine and roses.  Every day will be a dream like state where both you and baby are happy.  The pacifier is never dropped and that glorious child never smells like they just crawled out of a trash truck.

And then there are days when you hear yourself say something and the other you standing on the outside watching all of this transpire looks at the real you and says "Did you really just say that"?  Please tell me ya'll have another you watching you.  Here's my most recent things I never ever would have thought I would have been saying 2 years ago:

  • Don't play in the trash can it's gross.
  • Don't eat that raw chicken.
  • Did you poop?  No?  Then why do you smell like that?
  • Bye Bye PeePee
  • Yes you may eat your bite-bites out of your truck.
  • Get out of the dog's crate.
  • You can only watch Veggie Tales one time a day.  Sorry Charlie.  Don't pout at me.  I'll give you something to pout about.
  • The pepper shaker is not a drink.  It will make you sneeze.  And now you're sneezing I tried to warn you.
  • Emma does not appreciate being bitten on the tail.
  • Go back to bed it's too early for you to be awake(this was at 5:30am yesterday morning).
  • Don't stand on that.
  • Crayons do not taste that great and they will get stuck in your teeth.
  • Brush your teeth we have to get that crayon off before church.
Parenting is definitely "interesting".  I wouldn't change a thing.


Adrienne said...

lol- so funny! I can't imagine the crazy things I say on a daily basis and don't even notice it.

Katie said...

This is hilarious!! I just informed my daughter this morning that our dog doesn't appreciate when she drinks his water. That pre-kids me is definitely laughing right now! :)

Jennifer said...

oh i'm so glad to hear someone else had that other me standing by watching the crazy things i say and do...and oh thanks nikki, are these the things i get to look forward to with a little boy!! i really cant wait, so far it is so much fun!

Jamie Lynn said...

I love how I pictured him doing every bit of this.

Jennifer said...

Hilarious! Oh boy do I have to look forward to some interesting moments! (o:

Holly said...

lol it is funny what you end of saying you never imagined you would!