Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pink.......How I Love Thee!

Yesterday I noticed that I'm beginning to acquire a large quantity of pink things.  My husband is somewhat concerned.  I see nothing to be concerned about.  I have always loved the color pink.  It's just a fantastic and happy color.  Currently I have on a fuschia short sleeved t-shirt  layered over a baby pink long sleeved t-shirt.  Why would you ever layer over white when you can layer over pink? 

Here's the very very short list of my pink thingies:

I write with these every single day.  They're my favey fave.
Dry my hair with this in the mornings.
 This is my life line when I'm mobile.
My coupons are stashed in one of these.
My lack of) is stashed in one of these(but mine's fuschia).
My Tylenol(and various and sundry things) is stashed in one of these(the pink one).
I really like this particular bag.  I don't have it but I like it.
And this just might be the best of all.  I have one of these blooming in my yard right now.  It's a Weeping Cherry Tree.  And ours is HUGE!!!!!!!  It's a very old tree and it's absolutely gorgeous.  It's not in full bloom just yet.  But in another week it will be absolutely gorgeous.  I'm serious when I say that this tree stops traffice.  Literally!!

And my toenails are 2 toned pink.  Painted in the French Manicure style with a baby pink base and a hot pink tip.  And yes I did it myself because I'm too cheap to pay someone else to do it for me.

I LOVE PINK!!!!!!!!!!


Kelly said...

I am soo with you!! I LOVE pink too! Definitely cannot have enough :)

Maryellen said...

Oh my gosh - you too ! I love PINK. When I was dating my husband the first time he came to my appt he was shocked. Every room was PINK. I asked him what wrong and he said, "this is the girlest appt I've ever seen" hah Now that we are married we compromised and the kitchen is now red and the bathroom pink & blue.

Jamie Lynn said...

You do nails good:)) because you did my toes for prom:)!!!

I love you and there is nothing wrong with having pink things..