Monday, March 29, 2010

Just Thinking

Do you ever wonder why God lets "bad" things happen to "good" people?  I'm not even thinking about Chad, me, and Johanna at the moment because I don't feel we are "good" people and Johanna is/was not a "bad"thing.  It just seems that sometimes life is skipping along quite nicely and everything is coming up roses.  And then you hear of one bad event and that starts an abominable snowman sized chain reaction.  Why is that?  Maybe it's because once we are hurting our eyes, ears, and hearts are opened more widely to the hurts around us.  I don't know if that's the case or not.  It's just a guess.

The reason I ask is that I was cruzin' around on Facebook and was just noticing the sheer amount of hurt in the lives of my "friends".  Sometimes it feels like we just bounce from one dramatic incident to another.  I don't personally feel that way in my own life.  Yes we buried our daughter and yes 2 months later I found myself unemployed.  But both events have been the in my top 5 of all time best things to happen to me ever.  Salvation, Chad, and Clayton round out my top 5.  I could keep listing the best things that happen to me ever but that's not the point of this post. 

But that does remind me that I should probably do that sometime soon.

Oy, I ramble. 

If Johanna had been given to another family and we wouldn't have been her parents I don't know that we would have learned all the lessons about God's grace, mercy, and faithfulness that we've learned.  And if I hadn't been given the old heave-ho out the back door of the doctor's office where I worked I would have never taken the opportunity to go back to school and fulfill one of my life's greatest dreams.  By the way I was accepted to the Paramedic class scheduled to start in August.  Woot!!  I'm pretty excited.

I guess maybe perspective has a lot to do with a situation.  After all if we believe God is all powerful then is He not in control of every situation?  And if He sees that letting me bury my daughter or lose my job will bring Him more glory than their seemingly more pleasing alternative does He not have the right to do as He pleases?  I don't know if this makes any sense or not I'm just rambling for the sake of making my own thoughts make sense.  That's why I blog anyway.

Whatsoever the LORD pleased, that did he in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places.  Psalm 135:6

Just thinking..................


Lucy and Ethel said...

You handled both of your big 'assignments' with grace, faith, and optimism, knowing there were plenty of blessings in there somewhere.

And you were right :)


Kimberly said...

A man that I used to work with several years ago lost his job due to downsizing/restructuring (whatever). It seemed devastating at the time. However, if he hadn't been "forced" to pursue other interests, he would probably still be doing a job that he hated. After going back to school, he is now teaching special ed kids and absolutely loves it!

You just never know what opportunities God will open up for you, if you will just trust Him.

Jennifer said...

i love how reading your blog helps me put so many things in my life into perspective!! and you are so right... may people around us are hurting and if not for the grace of God we would be right there in the same hurt with them! thanks girl, love ya bunches!

Jules said...

Ramble on! Good thoughts. Sometimes, when we're hurting, it could be that God wants us to be in the fire of the situation to refine us as one refines gold or silver. Sometimes we see situations coming and we may even try to avoid them, but most of the time God wants us right in the midst so that when it's all over, we've come closer to Him. We understand that special grace, that He gives, a little more. We least in my case...that life is short. We aren't guareenteed our next breath and are we ready to meat Him face to face with no regrets? Through the death of my friend, I find myself drawing closer. Even before this happened I found myself in need of drawing closer. We need to be ready when He calls. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Made sense to me!

Holly said...

Totally feel ya on this!!