Wednesday, March 24, 2010

That's My Girl!

On Monday I mentioned that I had received some encouragement related to Johanna that I didn't know I needed from a source I didn't even know.

The short version(you know nothing besides my height is short) is that the pastor that led the dismissal prayer at the banquet where I spoke told Chad and me that Johanna is exclaiming "That's my Mommy and Daddy".  Please don't think these things are said to be boastful or proud.  I'm just being real with you and telling you what has helped me lately.

I've been going through the book "Having a Mary Spirit".  I so don't have a Mary spirit.  I'm a Martha up one side and down the other so this has been quite a challenge.  The author was describing God's possible reaction to His children when we "get it right".  When something finally clicks or when we gain victory over whatever it may be on any given day.

When you have small children(infants and toddlers because that's all I know about so far) every minor accomplishment is a major achievement.  Clayton picked up all his toys with no discipline required?  Chad and I act like he just received an Olympic God Medal.  That's how God reacts when we reach a spiritual milestone.  When we achieve victory over the perpetual bad attitude.

This is an excerpt from my Bible Study.  I don't if this is at all how God would do things but I guess it's a dumbed down human version.  I really like it too.

"Woohoo!  That's my girl!"  He says.
"Did you see that?"  He asks, turning to the angels and pointing to earth.  Pointing to you and me.
"That's my girl."


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Its so easy to forget that we have a Heavenly Father watching our every step. When our puny lives seem so unimportant to those around us, its good to know HE is still watching. I'm proud to be "His Girl" : )