Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Houston We Have a Problem

Well is it really a problem if you(you being me) think it's a good thing?  And if you can make sense of that sentence you're much smarter than I am.

Around the first of November, Mom suggested that we start using coupons to help offset the cost of groceries(which are ridiculously expensive in my humble opinion).  Since I've been out of work, and have kinda needed a little something extra to do(ya'll know why) I said sure why not.  So we started.  I'm nowhere near as good as these guys: Kelly, Myra, and Southern Savers.  But I am learning.  Along my coupon quest I have discovered one fundamental problem.  How in the world am I supposed to organize all of those blasted coupons, and still be able to find them when I need them.  After much distress and despair, OK that might be overstated just a little, I think I've found a workable solution.  I have progressed from the original accordion file to a COUPON BINDER!!  What you don't know what a coupon binder is?  How could you not know what a coupon binder is?  Have you been like living under a rock man?  Actually I didn't know what one was until just a few days ago.  And now I have one.  Wanna see?

First off, we have the coupon binder at a glance.  A simple non assuming zipper notebook.  Or is it?

Oh the treasures that you hold.  I like it because you can see all of your coupons at the simple turn of a page.  Hopefully no more standing in the grocery store aisle sorting through all of my coupons because I found an awesome unadvertised special.  I do make a list and pull out all the coupons I think I'm gonna use before I ever leave the house.  But sometimes you just have to sway from the list to buy that 5lb block of cheddar chesse that you're gonna get for .13 cents.  You just have to.

And we even have a special pocket in the front for my CVS Extra Buck thingies.  I'm still trying to figure this CVS thing out.  I admit I'm more than a little confused by it, but I'm learning(I hope).

So will the COUPON BINDER(you really must shout it from the roof tops), be the way to do?  Is it the start of a renewed love affair with my coupons?  I'll have to let you know after I test drive it at the grocery store.

OK, now it's time for a little grandparent indulgence.  Gram and Popa(aka my parents) are out of town this week for a much needed vacay.  So I figured they were probably missing their little red head.  Here you go guys a few pictures to get you through until Sunday.

When my 'rents go out of town, we dog sit Mattie(the large bulldog on the left).  Mattie is Clayton's BFF.  In fact Clayton's hand is currently rammed down Mattie's throat.  I'm not sure why, but it's a common state of affairs.

Cheesin' just for the fun of cheesin'.

Don't you wish you could play the piano in your Dr. Seuss pajamas and look this good? 

Movin' to the groovin'.  He loves the demo music, knows where the button is, what the button does, and how to dance with said button(thanks Popa).


Alan Carr said...
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Alan Carr said...

Sorry, I mesed up my first post. Anyway, thank you for the pics of Clayton and MatMat, and you are welcome for the "movin' and groovin'" thang.

Joan Carr said...

I miss him, and we have thought about him many times this week, and have wondered what he has been doing. Thanks for the pictures, they are so cute. Love, love the picture of Clatyon, MatMat looking out the window with Emma just hanging out with them.

So where did you find said coupon binder at?

Monica said...

OK, the Dr Suess PJ's are just too cute!

Jamie Lynn said...

Man, I love that kid. I wish you could have seen him last night when he was crying and looks over at me and grins and laughs with big alligator tears running down..

Hahaha, love it.. && those PJ's are the bomb! Just saying..

&& you with that coupon book remind me of those nerdy kids back in middle school with there pokemon cards:) Hahaha, love it & You!

Jamie Lynn said...
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Jamie Lynn said...
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Jamie Lynn said...
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Myra said...

Good for you! Your binder looks great!

I loved using one at the grocery store because it's so easy and everything is together. (no shuffling)

The only thing that I didn't like about the binder system is pulling expired coupons and some coupons are so big that I couldn't see both the exp. date and the product. You might have a better system than me for that though!

I went to a coupon box and I'm totally in love!

Thinking about you today. :)

Simply Donna...... said...

First let me say, I love the "cheesin" pic. He is so adorable. I miss him! (hint hint).

Second, thanks for the post. I just logged on to send you an email asking how on earth do you keep your coupons organized. Funny that I read you blog first and there was the answer. What's with the CVS thingy? I apparently don't know about this.

By the way, I am not doing as well as you are with the requires time, which I have not add much of lately and when I do have time - well I just don't do it. hahaha

christina said...

girlie. i am loving this coupon binder. its going on my wish list this instant. :)

p.s. saw this,

and wanted to share. loveu.