Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Lotta Food Pics(and1 or 2 of Clayton)

Being that today is my last day of maternity leave and church services were cancelled because of the Great Snow 2009 I decided to cook an awesome(at least in my estimation) dinner.  I cooked turkey for the very first time ever.  Because the turkey was actually edible and somewhat good I thought ya'll might like to take a look.  Just humor me if you will.

 The turkey(as if you couldn't guess).  It didn't burn, wasn't dry, and actually tasted like turkey.

  I also made gravy(yes the real kind, no I didn't open a can like usual).  I have only recently learned how to make gravy.  Since I'm southern it has to be some kind of regional crime to be 27 and just now able to make gravy.

  Here's my plate of goodness, just for the fun of it.

I also made an apple pie that Chad and I will devour shortly.  It's not from scratch though.  I'm not that good yet.  I did open the pie dough box and Chad opened the can of apple pie filling.

And in true couponer fashion(which I am loving by the way) I saved ALL of the leftovers and they are taking the deep freeze as we speak(or type, whatever).  Wanna see?  I thought so.

The leftover turkey will become turkey pot pie down the road.  So absolutely easy to make, and it's very good too.

The chicken stock I used in the bottom of the pan will become Mexican Chicken Soup later on down the road.  Also an incredibly easy meal to make.

These are the left over mashed potatoes.  I've never frozen mashed potatoes before so we'll have to wait and see how this turns out.  I use leftover mashed potatoes to thicken potato soup.

This is what I caught my boys doing while I was cleaning up.  I'm assuming that Chad is teaching Clayton how to dance to the electric piano demo music.  Precious.

And one of a sneaky boy just because I think he's cute.

So that what was I did on this cold, snow filled, last day of Maternity leave.  It's back to the salt mines(or doctor's office) tomorrow.  I can say that I am more than a little excited.  I really do enjoy my job.  Also, I'm hoping to get back into a routine.  I don't feel like I've been in a routine since April when we found out that Johanna had T18.  I'm more than ready for a little normal.  OK, I know normal never exists in this world, but you get the point.


Jamie Lynn said...

I love dancing with Clayton because it makes him smile and then that shows his dimples! Haha.. I'm proud of you! Even though I personally don't care for turkey I'm proud that you made the gravy.. it's okay.. I'll probably be 27 before I can make gravy too.. I just can't do it. It's gross, so I leave it to mom.. because hers tastes better!!

Props for the cooking!
&& I love the one of sneaky man.

christina said...

hey you. this was a pretty cute post! love that you are finally learning how to make gravy! even I know how to make it and i grew up in MIAMI! :) nah, seriously tho..use left over mashed to make shepherds pie. whoot!

Rebecca said...

Looks yummy! I love the pic of your sneaky little man :>)