Saturday, December 12, 2009

Watch out......

.....Moravians here we come.

At the moment I'm coming to you live from the crackberry. I'm on the church bus, captained by our fearless leader(that'd be Chad) and we're headed to Old Salem. For those of you not fortunate to live in the great state of North Carolina, Old Salem is an old school working town/village/community/whatever.

Our yutes(that's what I call them) had to earn their trip today. Every year they have the opportunity to earn what we call "Disciple Points". They earn their points by exhibiting good church attendance and learning good church habits. It's our prayer that the things they are learning will stay with them as some of our peeps start to enter adult hood. I am proud to say that all of our kids have earned their trip this year. Because of the timing of the trip they weren't all able to come, and we miss all the ones that aren't here. Chad's also gonna throw in some church history today for good measure. I'm sad to say that I don't know near as much as I should about church history so I'm hoping to learn a little as long as there isn't a pop quiz later.

So we're headed to freeze our noses off, but I'm hoping there are some Moravian cookies coming my way some time today.


Lucy and Ethel said...

I love Old Salem!

Hope you had a great time :)


Kathleen said...

mmmm! Moravian cookies! Oh, yes and I am sure the church history was just as good *winks* I used to work as a secretary at a Moravian church many years ago. I really enjoyed the job - it was a wonderful congregation!

Jamie Lynn said...

I wish our church did stuff like that. Idk why we stopped our disciple points.. lol, our youth is all growing up though"/ haha