Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Picture Overload

I know I said that I'm glad Christmas is over and I am, but I would still like to share a pic or 2(or 10) from our Christmas.  It really was a great Christmas.  It was fun to enjoy everything with Clayton.  He understood a little more this year about what was going on.  He had boxes and boxes of toys and mainly loved the paper.  It's really is the simple things.

Christmas Eve chillin' in a tree tent(that was quite difficult to assemble).

More Christmas Eve cheesin'.  See that red truck and trailer?  We've carried that everywhere since he got it last Wednesday. 

A classic Christmas pose

Playing with that same truck but now we've added a cornbine(yes I know it's a combine but there's a certain someone who calls it cornbine and I happen to like that).

Clayton's Christmas loot before the madness began.

This is how I found him sleeping on Christmas morning.

You need a side story before the next few pictures.  We have a 7 month old puppy that chews on everything when Clayton is around.  When he's not here she chews on nothing.  Weird.  Because of that and because Clayton has no door on his room(because there was a sliding pocket door there instead of a normal door when we bought this house double weird) there is a baby gate at the doorway to his room to protect his toys.  I took the gate down and let him wake up on his own. I also set his milk just inside the door so it was ready for him(this boy is addicted to his milk first thing in the morning like a lot of people are to coffee).

First glance of Christmas morning.

What is all of this?

Loving the stove that I had to fight so hard to get.

This is what Chad did all Christmas.  Assemble.

That same truck again.

An awesome tricycle from Mawmaw and Pawpaw.  We're still working on that whole pedaling thing.

You would never know but there is a banjo inside that wonderful wrapping job.  Way to go Andrew.

Told you there was a banjo(and a box of Cheez-Its)

Yes Clayton got a Clayton sized guitar for Christmas.  We're still working on form and technique.  Now him and his Mawmaw can serenade us with bluegrass.

After the present mayhem at Chad's parents house Clayton was buried in wrapping paper.  And he loved it.


Monica said...

It's funny that the wrapping paper is usually their favorite part at that age! Cute photos!

Jamie Lynn said...

Gahhhh I love that kid. && I believe he for that sleeping technique from Aunt James. I sleep sideways in the bed like that. I'm about to come there and play. I loved my kitchen when I was a kid. Plus clayton is just fun to play with:)

Jennifer said...

I absolutely LOVE the tree tent!! It's awsome... Landon will need one of those, since the only play tent at our house is a pink castle with princesses on it. Looks like he had a great Christmas, and who knows maybe he'll grow up to be a magnificent chef one day! Love you guys!