Friday, December 18, 2009


I DO NOT LIKE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For all of ya'll that live way up high I just don't know how you deal with this mess all the time.  I live in the North Carolina.  The part of NC that I live in rarely sees a heavy snow fall.  Except for 2009.  1 weeks before Christmas.  Why now?  I realize that I shouldn't be complaining about the snow.  The water's great for the water table, and come summer we will be praying for much needed rain.  But right now I just don't like snow.  I can make a list of all the reasons I don't like snow, and I think I will do just that.

  1. It's cold
  2. Where we live everything comes to a screeching halt when there is snow.  
  3. I'm a planner, and the snow really messes with my plans
  4. It's wet, and last but not least
  5. It's cold
Honestly there is nothing I like about snow.  Well, maybe 1 thing.

I do like to see sweet boys up to their knees in fun.

As you can see we.......OK well the boys(I'm not going out in that mess) didn't stay out there very long.  It's too cold.

I have a prime example of why I strongly dislike snow.

Here we have Exhibit A.  You will notice there are 2 truck in the picture above.  The one on the far right is actually in our YARD!!!  That's right peeps, not in the driveway, in the yard.  We don't normally drive in our yard.  OK, on occasion Chad will but that's another story for another day, and if we had a circle drive he wouldn't have to drive through the yard.  Chad's brother dropped off some deer meat.  Due to circumstances unbeknowest to me this delivery must take place tonight during the worst winter storm in years.  As said brother was trying to leave he accidentally(and it really was an accident) slid off into the yard.  After much attempts to retrieve the truck from our yard a kind wayfaring stranger extracated the truck from our yard.  It's safely on its journey home.

And just think we were taking Clayton to Tanglewood tonight to see some awesome lights.  Oh well.  Maybe another time.  I think I'll go sulk.  Or eat more Christmas candy. 


Jamie Lynn said...

They got home safe..
The snow is so beautiful though.
I was thinking earlier about how Colorado and New York.. & PA..
EVERYTHING keeps going. HOW?!

Monica said...

I don't like snow either. It never fails, I run out of milk or bread or something and the grocery stores are out and everyone and their dog is there trying to get it!

Adrienne said...

Can I just tell you that I love snow and we moved from NC last year and never got snow and now that we're gone ya'll got a big storm last year and now this! I live in PA now so we get it a lot but I would've loved to get that snow when we lived there for 4 years! It is hard though when they can't plough it as quickly and you're stuck. Up here you're out shopping the next day after getting 10 inches!

Well maybe you'll have a little left on the ground for a semi- white Christmas:)

Holly said...

I don't mind the snow. It's the ice I'm not fond of! ;)