Friday, December 11, 2009


This week we received the first of hopefully many gifts for "Johanna's Gift".  That's super exciting.  The amount was enough to provide a diaper bag for 1 precious lady.  That means this new mom will be getting some much needed baby supplies and most importantly hearing the precious truth about our Savior.  I don't think I can express how much I just love this ministry.

Yesterday I was able to go to the Caldwell Pregnancy Care Center for a few different reasons.  First, I needed to drop off the gift card that one of my besties had given to "Johanna's Gift".  Second, I very gladly gave them all of my maternity clothes.  Chad and I do want more babies sometime in the future.  However, we need a break for now.  We've had 2 babies in 21 months.  And well, ya'll know how interesting the second one was.  So we want to take some time to heal for now.  Anyway, I don't really want to see these maternity clothes again.  They have a lot of memories and reminders in them.  That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm ready to start healing and moving on.  And some reminders I don't want around, and the maternity clothes happen to be one of them.  And third, I was hoping to speak with the center's director Ms. Fran.  And I was able to.  She gave Mom, Clayton, and me the grand tour. 

It was awesome to see how this operation works, and how they use their resources.  The ladies in their classes receive vouchers to "purchase" things in their store.  They earn the vouchers by attending classes, parenting and what not.  They can also earn extra vouchers if the babies father comes with them.  It's a pretty neat system.  There are no handouts.  These ladies have to work for their vouchers.  I just love that because it instills a sense of pride in what you have.  As for myself, the things I've worked hardest for are the things I appreciate the most.

There are so many people around us that are hurting, empty, and don't know where to turn.  They don't know that Christ is the answer they are looking for.  CPCC shows the ladies there is a better way.  Christ has already done everything for us.  He's already paid the price.

(Super jumbled I know, but it's early)


Pam said...

How exciting!!!!!! One of the doctors that I work for is the Medical Director for the Greesboro Pregnancy Care Center.
Awesome place!!!!!!!
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I have been faithfully checking in on you but have not had a moment to write. It's been a VERY hard road BUT God is good. I noticed in one of your entries that your church was going to go to Old Salem during the holidays. Ya'll should go to Tanglewood and see the lights when you get done. It's only about 15-20 down 40 to Clemmons.
Praying for you!!!!!

Simply Donna...... said...

YAY!! How exciting and what a great way to keep memories of Johanna alive. I knew that girl was a shining star, look what she has accomplished already. Praise God!!

Allison said...

Yayyy!! I love love love hearing all about this!!

Kelly said...

How awesome!!!! I just love that ya'll have this great opportunity!

Holly said...

I'm glad to hear that you were able to get better acquainted with the center. I wish that more people would get involved with their local centers!