Thursday, June 18, 2009

Merry Christmas Baby

Sorry so late in getting a post up today. I'm posting from Mom's mini lappy, and I'm finding it quite difficult. Just like Clayton's finding it difficult to sleep in his "rent a crib". By the way, we're on a little vacay in Pigeon Forge, TN until Saturday morning. Can you say shopping!!!!!

The OB appointment went great. Johanna still has a great heartbeat. She checked in at 149 beats per minute. And, I think I discovered why I wasn't feeling her moving anymore. She is a lot higher than I thought she was. And, she's a lot higher than Clayton ever was. I've noticed in the last few weeks that I have to eat smaller meals(that's not a bad idea though). She was actually laying a little above my navel. I was searching for movement in the wrong area. Silly me. Everything else checked out great considering the ultimate diagnosis. The OB that I go to can't do the Level II ultrasound, so I had the standard 20 scan today. JoJo is still measuring small, but she's been consistent in how small she is. She's growing at the same rate as "normal" babies. The US tech couldn't evaluate her heart in depth, but we will have that done in July at the MD in Charlotte. Johanna does have the T18 classic shaped strawberry shaped head. So, I think we might rename her "Strawberry Short Cake". Especially if she has Clayton's red hair.

Chad and I were able to get a lot of our questions answered today that no one had been able to answer before. I will be able to have her at our local hospital, and not have to go to Charlotte. Yippie. Also, I had a C-Section with Clayton, because he was super duper long, and I'm super duper short, and I loved it. Dr. H assured me that I would be able to have a section with Johanna. Only if my water breaks in the next 6 or so weeks will I have to deliver her the other way(guys I just saved you the details, thank me later). Dr. H also let us know that he, his office staff, and our hospital would make every adjustment they could to bring Johannna into the world in a way that suits our needs in this special case.

I absolutely love my OB. He is a religious man. I don't know all of his exact views on everything, but he believes in God, Christ, salvation, and prayer. He is incredibly pro-life. And, has recently stopped taking call with the other OB's in our office that are pro-choice. Thanks Dr. H. You're fantastic. He reinforced to me again today that he believes life starts at conception, God is the giver, and eventually the taker of life. That's exactly how we feel too.

Chad's appointment with the new Endo also went well. She seems to think she can get our insurance to pay for his CGM(Continuous Glucose Monitor) supplies. And, we might get reimbursed for the stuff that we have already paid out of pocket for. Awesome. He really liked her. And, that's a plus.

And now, I'm chilling at the "Inn at Christmas Place" in Pigeon Forge, TN. If you are ever afforded the opportunity to stay here you definitely should. It's super fly. Thanks Mom and Dad. I'm headed to bed, and putting this midget lap top away. Adios Amigos!!


Jamie Lynn said...

Sounds like you had a great day:)
I did too!!!
Completely different than yours but a GREAT day:)

Erin said...

Thanks for the update. I was thinking and praying for you today! I am glad to hear that things are going well for Chad and for Johanna(jo-jo is such a cute name!!!).

I will pray that you are able to move forward with your birth plan.

Enjoy your time away!!!

Cathy said...

Just ran across your blog. I am so praying for sweet Johanna. So glad you love your dr. I have never heard it said "A Classic Strawberry Head". My daughter just turned 4, has full T18 and was told all the doom and gloom news. Never lose hope, the almighty Physician is always in control!

Stay at Home Mommy said...

i hope yall have lots of fun and get plenty of rest. so glad johannah and chad are doing great! always in our prayers!!

Simply Shaye said...

Hello. I surfed in from Jennsational..I am praying for your sweet baby girl. I am inspired by your faith and strength. It is neat to have a religious physician.. I too have one and it makes the whole picture seem much better. Hang in there..