Saturday, June 6, 2009

Wife of the Year!!

Who gets the award?

Myself of course. Who else would I bestow this honor upon. Here's why I gave myself this award. And it's not because I'm conceited. Stop laughing. Seriously don't laugh at me.

Last night I went to a horse sale. That's right folks, a horse sale. In a barn. With horses. And saddles. And tack. And horses.

My husband is country boy. He grew up on a poultry(chicken) farm, and worked on a pig(commercial hog) farm while he was in high school. Unless he's dressed in his church suit, or asleep, he has on boots. Constantly wears a hat, ball cap, or outback outdoor Crocodile Dundee type thing. Back in the day(way back) he was a team pinner. Team pinning is a concoction of ropes, cows, and horsemanship. You'll have to google it because that's all I know. Sorry. He is all of those things, and I am absolutely NONE of them. I don't get horses or cows. Don't know anything about hay or salt licks(? salt blocks, see told you I knew nothing).

Anyway, Chad wanted to go to the horse sale last night in Vale, NC. I would never willingly choose to go sit in a smelly, hot barn to look at tack and horses. That's Chad's idea of a good time. I was hoping that we would get to go to a movie. Boy, was I way off. Way off. I'll spare you the details, but we had a good time. Horses are pretty and they do neat things. Clayton was kinda impressed with the ponies.

That's why I gave myself the wife of the year award. I went to a barn and looked at, and smelled, horses for 3 hours on a Friday evening.

I think I forgot to mention that Chad gave me a prenatal massage for Mother's Day. I had that yesterday. Fantastic. He really is the best husband for me. Love ya babe. Our "date" really was a good time. We should deffo do it again. Just not any time soon. I'm still a little scarred.


Joan Carr said...

Don't break your Arm.(haha) So glad you guys had a good time together and as a family. Most of the time it does not matter what you do together as long as you are together.

Rebecca said...

Opposites attract??

This is so getting a massage, him wanting to go to the Horse sale. Kinda like Green Acres.....

Go ahead. Start singing the Green Acres theme song. :>)

Jamie Lynn said...

Salt lick?? I just busted out laughing :)

You forgot to mention Chad's old wardrobe of Garth Brooks shirts, wranglers, & big belt buckles :) hahahahhaa I love my brother.

Try living with a whole family of "Chad's" (as far as farm stuff goes) & I'm scared of horses hahaha..

But you do need the wife of the year award.. fo' real!

Jamie Lynn said...

PS, I love horsesales :) and I'm always wanting you guys to go, I'm glad you did :)