Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Our first night with Mommy running the house went like a dream, literally. We went to bed early and dreamed all night long. My kind of day.

What did I do that is out of my normal schedule? I watered the plants this morning, that's Chad's job, he wanted them, he has to water them. I cleaned up after dinner last night, again that's Chad's job. I bathe the child, and he cleans up from dinner. I let the dog out before bed, again Chad does that, because I normally go to bed so much earlier than him. I also rounded up Clayton, and got him ready to go to his Mawmaw's house this morning. Chad is always home to help with that, so it was a little different doing it by myself. I am glad I have a fantastic hubby that helps with all that stuff. I don't think I could, or ever want to, do it by myself. Thanks babe.

Now where the title of this post comes in to play. Clayton has discovered that he can remove his diaper, and go naked. Being naked isn't really something new, he totally loves it. However, the fact that he can do it himself makes nakey time so much better. The craziness began on Friday evening after VBS. We stopped at Walmart to get wagon train food. Apparently there are specific foods that you have to take with you when you ride horses in the boonies, out of cell range, for a week. Why would you ever willingly travel to a place where you couldn't check your email, Facebook, or blogger, for an entire week? Not this girl.

I digress. Wagon train food consisted of Beenie Weenies, Potted Meat(can we say gross), and Goober spread(you know the stuff with the PB and J all mixed together, again gross). It was really late when we got finished at Walmart, and Red was starting to come unglued. I stripped him down to a diaper(because super mom had forgotten to pack pajamas, even though she knew her family would be incredibly late getting home), gave him the sippy cup full of Nestle Strawberry Milk, and off we headed. Our church, and their super cool Walmart, are about 30 miles from our house. I think Clayton was asleep about 3 miles into our journey, because the Lightning McQueen cup was 3/4 full of milk. I left him in his diaper, and Chad laid him down in the bed when we got home. After all we live in the south, and it's hot here in the summer. I didn't think another thing about it until Saturday morning.

Saturday morning I hear Clayton rustling around in his crib. Not unusual, and I usually let him get good and awake before I rescue him from baby prison. As I was drifting in and out of consciousness I begin to hear Clayton yelling "Mama". It wasn't a distress call, or an SOS, so I didn't panic or hurry. When I made it into Clayton's room, I got the surprise of a life time. My 16 month old little boy, was completely naked. Naked as a jaybird(whatever that means), and as naked as the day he was born. He was so proud of himself. I immediately put him in a new, clean diaper. Then, with my heart in my throat I check to see what damage there would be to his bed. It's not like I had just washed his sheets the day before or anything like that. To my complete surprise he had not destroyed his crib in any way. When I found the diaper, I discovered that it was in fact still warm(TMI ?), so apparently he had just removed it.

That's how we roll. The week should only get more interesting.


Jamie Lynn said...

haha.. i'm waiting on him to wake up from his nap and be naked now:)