Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend Rappers

I just couldn't let the donkey opportunity pass me up yesterday. Today I'll give you the weekend run down. Cuz I know you care.

On Thursday Mom, Clayton, and I headed up the mountain to Pigeon Forge, TN for a little vacay and shopping. Mom treated me to a stay at "The Inn at Christmas Place". It was a fantastic place. All decorated for Christmas. Our room had a Christmas tree, Christmas decorated fireplace, and loads of other Christmas decorations. Even though it's June and 100 degrees outside it was great to start thinking about Christmas. I love Christmas and all that it should represent. Clayton thoroughly enjoyed climbing in and out of the empty cabinets in our room. And, he like the large "swimming pool"(aka jacuzzi tub) he had access too. This child loves the water, and loves playing in the water so he was like a pig in slop(thanks Chad).

Friday we shopped, of course. Clayton was the only one of us that came home with anything. Mom helped him get a great start on his fall/winter wardrobe. The Children's Place was having an amazing sale, so we scored big. After nap time for all 3 of us we headed to the pool for a few minutes, and again Clayton had a ball. I thought he might be a little scared of getting his face in the water. Nope. He would lean over in his little float thing just to put his face in the water. Too cute. He played for almost an hour before he just got too tired to continue. After the pool we headed to The Alamo for dinner. You don't know what The Alamo is? It's a fantastic steak house that we absolutely must visit every time we're in TN. Awesome vittles.

We came back home on Saturday morning, and Saturday evening we had our 2nd annual Youth vs Adults Softball Game for the fantastic folks at Calvary Bapt. Unfortunately the adults won(slaughtered) the kids. There's always next year. It was so ridiculously hot on Saturday. We should deffo start doing this in the fall.

Sunday was church day and Father's day. Sunday is always busy and this was no exception. We had lunch with Chad's fam, and dinner with mine. So we hit(visited, not actually attacked) all the Dads on their special day. Actually dads are so special and important maybe we should give them more than one day? Just a thought. Clayton gave Chad an Alabama Crimson Tide flag to hang outside during football season. We've been looking for one for a long time, and I was super excited to find one while on vacay. It might make an appearance before pig skin season. By the way, I'm ready for some football. Love it.

That's about all. Is that enough? I'm tired just thinking about all the craziness that happened this weekend. Throw in a couple of donkeys and you're done.


Courtney said...

I didn't realize you were fairly close to TN. We live (in VA) about an hour from Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg..Love it over there! :)

Jamie Lynn said...

The donkey's did look sad, however, I told Chad if he seriously hooks those things to a wagon, I just don't think I'ma ride with him.. hahaha:)