Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Uhm.......that was strange

So yesterday was probably one of the strangest days ever.

I had a birthday yesterday. That's not the strange part. I mean you have one every year, so you kinda come to expect them.

When I woke up yesterday, I was incredibly exhausted. I mean I was so tired I cried through my shower. Do you feel sorry for me now? Don't worry, I wouldn't either. This is the life I wanted, I just didn't know it when I was a kid. Work was a sorta calm zoo. Mondays are the busiest day of our work, and they never disappoint. Always a blast in one way or another. Here's where the fun begins.

Chad(finally) had my car inspected yesterday morning. He brought my car to the office when he was finished and I relinquished the keys to his truck. When I went to lunch my car wouldn't start. Wouldn't turn over. Wouldn't do anything. It was dead in the water. Had kicked the bucket. Finito. Pushing up daisies. Get the point? I don't handle car issues all that well. I expect my car to start and run properly every time I need it to. I called my handy dandy repair man(ie Chad) to come and fix it. Apparently when it was inspected, the headlights were left on. Dead battery. Not a big deal. Chad got that problem fixed. However, while he was messing with the battery, he began to feel a little worse for the wear. Low blood sugar. Good times were had by all. Thankfully(and I really do mean that) he didn't go to that far away land he goes to sometimes when he has a low blood sugar. We scooted down the hill to McD's and got a Coke and some chicken nuggets. All was right with the world again.

Back at work. Things are cruizin' along quite nicely, except for the minor detail that I'm still an emotional wreck. Why do preggo hormones affect us this way? Growl. Basically I'm a hot mess. Chad had mentioned my B-Day, so I thought he had forgot. That along with exhaustion, car oops', and low blood sugar almost sent me over the edge. About 4pm I received flowers. I was so excited I thought Chad had remembered. I read the card and they were from Mom and Dad. I was very excited to get them because they were beautiful, but I confess I wanted them to be from the hubs(don't get mad at him yet). These flowers were yellow roses and daises, but with a lemon in the bottom of the vase. My immediate thought was that someone was trying to tell me that I'm sour(probably true). After texting I discovered that the lemon was actually to represent "Lemons to Lemonade". I was really excited about the flowers then. They were the perfect ending to that day. I then realized that they had been ordered before the 'rents knew anything about the crazy lunch time fiasco. Too cool. Somebody loves me.

At about 4:58(seriously) more flowers come through the door. I got tickled this time. This bouquet was huge. It really was gigantic. The hubs had come through. Thanks babe. I really did not expect to get flowers from him. That's so not Chad at all. In fact he's only sent flowers to me one other time, the day I went back to work after Clayton was born. He brings flowers home on occasion, and I really do like it when he does that(he reads, and I'm hinting). I got 2 sets of flowers yesterday. They were both totally different and equally beautiful. Sweets, thanks so much for loving me enough to think of me on our crazy, insane day. Your surprise was the perfect way to end the day. I'm glad I got to spend the evening with you. I hope we have many more B-Days together.

After work Chad's parents had dinner for us at their house. Clayton spent the day over there so it was pretty convenient. My MIL makes the best spaghetti in the world. I have no idea what's different about her spaghetti but it's fantastic. Yummo. She also made a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. My fave. Thanks Carswells, dinner was great. Andrew and Trish were back from their HMoon so we had great company. We all watched the wedding video and had a good laugh. It's great to be around people that have just gotten married. Time and life changes how you interact with one another, and it's supposed to. Their new love for each other is contagious though.

All in all, it was a great day. Strange. Odd. Unusual. Glad we've moved on to Tuesday.


Erin said...

How did I miss that is was your birthday yesterday??? Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Is it to late to wish you a Happy Birthday.

I hope that today is a much better day. I am praying for you sweet Nikki.

Jamie Lynn said...

Part of Mom's speghetti that makes it great is the fact that she makes her own sauce..

But then when I think about that it still tastes better than ANYBODY elses when she uses the store bought kind.

Idk.. maybe she is just awesome!!