Thursday, June 25, 2009

Over It

I know I did a "Jon and Kate" post a few weeks, so this is my last one. As long as I remember that I said this was my last "Jon and Kate" post. If I forget just count it up to pregnancy insanity and chasing a red head.

I will shamefully and reluctantly admit that I'm a celebrity gossip hound. For some reason, unknown to even myself, I love to read about the random and strange lives of complete strangers. I have enjoyed reading all about Tom Cruise and his insane christian scientology escapades. I have enjoyed reading about all the weddings and babies born to the rich and famous. But the Gosselin thing is getting ridiculous. In my opinion.

I do realize they have a very large family, and that having 8 children all the same age would be very trying and taxing on any relationship. Sometimes Chad and I want to beat each other over the 1 year old that we have. And we only have 1 at a time to deal with.

I guess my beef with them, not that they or you care, is that they presented themselves as "christians". I do realize in our society that the term "christian" is relative, and has a different meaning to absolutely everyone. However, this was their platform throughout much of their show to date. You would see them attending church, speaking at church related or sponsored events, and there was scripture posted in their home. They even wore the T-Shirts. Probably a marketing gimmick, and it worked. Some of the recent attitudes and attacks have not exactly been Christ like. In fact, they seem malicious and vengeful.

I also realize, and appreciate, their attempt to "be real" with their viewers. I try to "be real" with my peeps that read this here blog. I feel that's fair. You read, or in their case watch, to see how people are dealing with real day to day, knuckles to the grind, all out issues. However, I have not and will not intentionally bash, demean, or belittle my husband or children publicly. I don't, and won't, always agree with Chad(hello, the donkeys). But that's part of being married. You gotta compromise. As someone with an aggressive/assertive nature like Kate Gosselin, it takes much discipline and work on my part, and with the Lord's help, to be a respectful wife. After all, Chad will have to answer to the Lord for how our family was run, not me. I'm off the hook on that one. So, I should try to make his job as easy as possible.

I guess I'm just rambling to say that I'm tired of hearing about their troubles. Both parties seem to have checked out on their marriage. And, that's just sad to me. Marriage is hard and it takes a lot of work. I get it, trust me I really do. I guess I just want them to keep their divorce stuff private for their children's sake. Those kids are old enough to remember everything their parents are doing to each other. And worse, it's playing out on a national stage. Unfair and disrespectful to those babies.

Any who, I guess you could say I'm over it, and I'm over them.


Stephanie said...

Well said. What they are doing to their kids is terrible.

chris mitch travis cana said...

i know we've just met but when i read your words, it's like reading something i've written. I actually JUST spoke these very words yesterday about the scripture "memorization" techniques of having them up all around the house.

Even the part about your "peeps" is something i would say.

I'm also a bit involved in the lives of complete strangers...i think that's why i'm so upset about this divorce. I've invested something of myself in the success of their family, just by spending my precious time watching them.

I do see her vulnerability in the feeling of being a "failure." but what i don't see much of is remorse or effort to change. not that it's our business or that she needs to prove it to us. But yes...she...hmm..lets just say she tried chopping them off for too long. Not that THAT justifies any behavior or decisions.

I also found that having a world to escape into, even just for a few moments was a little escape from any hard days, moments, etc. :)

p.s. I attend a group called "MEND" and it's mommies enduring neonatal death. (BTW, i, with you, did not mourn until the moment arrived. By sharing about my experiences, i hope in no way do i assume to know what will happen. I hope to just offer an ear and a hopeful heart, no matter the journey.) I did enjoy being able to think about things with a clear what songs i'd like played at her funeral, ideas on how to celebrate her life, etc. This was not morbid, but a gift, i felt.

momma said...

those are my thoughts, exactly. thanks for summing up how i've been feeling about this show and their behavior!

JenD said...

praying for you...just a blog stalker who loves your heart and writing! i nominated you for a blog award. I life is very busy at the present don't feel like you have to participate if you have too much on you plate. Take care....just another sister in christ thinking of you