Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I don't usually do 2 posts in 1 day because I don't have that much to say. Usually you get mindless dribble about Clayton, Chad, Jo, and me. It's interesting to us, and every now and again it's funny. However, I was reading a blog and ran across comments that President Obama had made yesterday in response LGBT Pride Month. I had to rant. My Type A, obsessive, strong willed personality requires it.

  1. Why is there even an need for LGBT(Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestites) Pride Month. Is there a Heterosexual Monogamous Happily Married Month? Not that I know of, or have the opportunity to "march" in.
  2. "And though we've made progress, there are still fellow citizens, perhaps neighbors or even family members and loved ones, who still hold fast to worn arguments and old attitudes; who fail to see your families like their families; and who would deny you the rights that most Americans take for granted." President Obama's quote, obviously not mine. First of all, I don't take my rights as an American citizen for granted. I may not appreciate them as much now, as I will in the near future. Please let me know, how many main stream, tractor drivin', Bible totin', married to someone of the opposite sex, hard working, families want to sacrifice the things they work so hard for, and the things they work hard to protect, actually agree with this statement?
  3. "And I know that many in this room don't believe that progress has come fast enough, and I understand that. It's not for me to tell you to be patient, any more than it was for others to counsel patience to African Americans who were petitioning for equal rights a half century ago." Is there really a comparison between the two? Hello, you don't get to pick your skin color before you are born. You do get to choose your "orientation". Seriously, why would a black man even consider comparing the two? That seems disrespectful to people who worked so hard, and sacrificed their lives for equality. That's my opinion.
  4. "I've called on Congress to repeal the so-called Defense of Marriage Act to help end discrimination -- (applause) -- to help end discrimination against same-sex couples in this country. Now, I want to add we have a duty to uphold existing law, but I believe we must do so in a way that does not exacerbate old divides. And fulfilling this duty in upholding the law in no way lessens my commitment to reversing this law. I've made that clear." The majority of states currently uphold DOMA, for now. If agreeing with DOMA is the current view of the majority of our states, does one not think that it is the current view of the majority of those states residents?
  5. "And finally, I want to say a word about "don't ask, don't tell." As I said before -- I'll say it again -- I believe "don't ask, don't tell" doesn't contribute to our national security. (Applause.) In fact, I believe preventing patriotic Americans from serving their country weakens our national security. (Applause.)" Don't ask, don't tell, was a mistake from the beginning. Allowing people to serve in our military, that undermine the core concepts we were built on is simply dangerous. If we were to allow the incredibly out spoken Gay rights community to openly serve in the military, would they bring those same outspoken ideals, philosophies, and ways of communication to a very strict code of conduct that has served us pretty well for centuries?

Just my opinion. I did not vote for President Obama, and will not vote for his re-election in 2012, unless he comes to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, therefore radically changing his views on almost everything. You can read the speech in its disgusting entirety on the White House's official website. Or just click below.



Courtney said...

I am SO in agreement with you. I did not, and will not vote for him, either. I'm so sad over some of the things that he has done and said .. It's hard to believe it's only been 6 months and know all the things that have been overturned and even started.

Jamie Lynn said...

So .. I agree with you:)

wakefield said...
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chadandnikki said...

Sorry "wakefield" had to delete you because of foul and inappropriate language. I respect your right to an opinion(and have in fact stated that many many times on this here blog, and only ask that you do the same for me. This is my blog, therefore it is my opinion. If you like then read, if not don't read. I'm cool either way.

wakefield said...
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chadandnikki said...

Again "wakefield" I'm sorry that you feel that way. You are entitled to your opinion, and I will never argue that point.

~Ashlea~ said...


It is absolutely refreshing to see the truth so boldly stated on a public blog.


Don't ever back down on the truth of God's word. We will get persecuted and laughed at down here, but that's ok. This isn't our home anyway.

I am glad you are taking up for yourself. This is YOUR blog and you get to say whatever YOU want to say. Just like people that disagree can write whatever they want on their own blog.

If you don't like the truth, go read something else!

wakefield said...

I cant imagine that you would post a controversial blog and not expect to have people disagree with you. Jesus wouldn't have judged gay people. But for some reason a lot of Christians feel they have some kind of moral authority. God also said women shouldn't speak in church, or cut their hair. I love how you pick and choose which verses pertain to you.

Lori said...

I agree, Wakefield. Sorry you just lost a reader. I had no idea you felt this way, Nikki. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. Good luck to you.

chris mitch travis cana said...

girl, for every ticked off reader, find confidence and strength in the fact that you do speak truth. Darkness likes the darkness. It runs from light...or truth. So know that you are covered..and i'm praying none of the negative feedback enters your spirit.

You don't need ANY of this garbage right now. Fluff it off. And you GAINED a reader in me! I'm so proud of you!!!

I'm going out on a limb here and thinking you didn't post this "controversial blog" to get feedback. You don't need to explain WHY you did. You have no obligation to defend it! I'm so mad FOR YOU!!! How dare people fill your mind with such negativity. What "tolerance" they all have, huh? Interesting how we are so INTOLERANT but we better be silent too. What bold face double standards. grrrr.....


chris mitch travis cana said...
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chris mitch travis cana said...

p.s. only those who have carried a life within them or are carrying a life within them, and knowingly prepare their hearts for the possibility of not keeping that life here for very long...knows the pangs of watching a man who is so adamantly and viciously pro choice. It cuts deeper because of that fact.

still walking with you.

Simply Donna...... said...

HeHeHe, oh pardon me! I find it so funny that you post your personal opinion on your own personal blog and someone that you don't even know actually blasts you in a comment. I have read some blogs that I didn't agree with or even like and guess what? It's their blog, not mine. If I don't like it, I don't go there any more.(Hint, Hint) LOL!!!!

wakefield said...

Not sure if the previous reader is implying that I am viciously pro choice. That wasn't the discussion I was in on. And by the way the reason I was drawn to your blog is because 6years ago I lost a baby to anencephaly. I was 4 months pregnant when I found out. It's 100% fatality. I feel very deeply for the situation that you are in. I chose to end my pregnancy. My baby did not have a brain and I couldn't bare carrying my son to full term. Anenecephaly babies are very hard to give birth to as their heads are flat. I was induced at 20 weeks. I got to hold and take photos of my nearly perfect son. In my very first comment I explained to you the only reason I am commenting is because your blog was offensive to me and quite judgemental of people I love dearly. I hope only the best for you and your family. But you still offended me.

Alan Carr said...

Nikki, you are right on the money.

Homosexuality is an abomination, according to the Word of God. Not only that, Romans 1:18-32 teaches us that a nation will be able to recognize when the judgment of God has fallen on it by the proliferation of homosexuality and lesbianism. Of course, the homosexual community and their supporters want Christians to be tolerant of their views. Of course, they do not want to tolerate the views of Bible believers.

They claim that Jesus was never intolerant of homosexuals. If you read the Gospels, you are never told that Jesus encountered any homosexuals during His earthly ministry. Do you know why? Under the Jewish law, they were put to death. How's that for tolerance?

If someone wants to invoke Jesus as the standard of tolerance, they should first consider at His interactions with the religious Jews in Matt. 23. Consider how He cleansed the Temple on two occasions, overturning their tables and driving them away. They should also consider what He said in Luke 13:3, "Except ye repent, ye shall also likewise perish." Sounds like a tolerant man to me.

Jesus was never concerned about being politically correct. Jesus was concerned with the glory of God. He was concerned with holiness and godliness.

We are living in a culture that is growing increasingly intolerant of biblical standards and biblical truths. Bible believers are seen to be intolerant, out of touch and ignorant.

One day you will face God with your post. Your detractors will face God with their opinions. The homosexuals and lesbians will face God with their lifestyles, And, Obama will face God with his views. I would rather be in your shoes on that day than in any of theirs.

Carry on my daughter, I am proud that you are taking a stand for the truth. In the end, God will judge, not based on opinions and preferences, but according to His Word, John 12:48; Rev. 20:10-15.

Joan Carr said...

You go Baby Girl, so proud of you for taking a stand and stating your opinion based on the word of God and HIS Standards.

John 3:30 states He is to increase, and we are to decrease. If I am to live Christ, I must live like HE did and would!!!

I had rather stand before God with your views and thoughts which are based on the word of God than on Obamas ideas and thoughts, or the gay/lesbians views or anyone elses that does not measure up 100% with Gods word. (Why must they push their thoughts and ideas in our face - if they come to a saving knowledge of God, He will help them with their addiction of this lifestyle?)

I agree,I did not and would not vote for anyone for President of my country that their views do not line up with the word of God, and obviously our President does not know the true and Living God and his ideas and leadership does not line up with the bible.

So we as Gods people need to seriously praying for our country.

Brandon, Andrea and Emma said...

I agree with every word you said. The very fact alone that our President supports abortion was enough for me not to vote for him. I could go on and on, but I think you stated everything perfectly--and there are MILLIONS that agree with you!
Anyways, just wanted to let you know I have never commented before, but found your blog off of another and have been following for a while now....you are in my prayers!

Mrs. Julie Fink said...

agreed :).

chris mitch travis cana said...

um wakefield...how could you misconstrue that my comment about our pro choice president had ANYTHING to do with you?

hey nikki, i think you've inspired me to post a new blog entitled "over it!!!"


Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

Nikki - we must stand up to the TRUTH and we must not cower down in our beliefs. I am proud that you have the strength in our Lord to embrace what is right and to speak out against that which goes against His Word.

Many blessings, Beth