Monday, June 22, 2009

What do you do...........

.................... when your normally rational, intelligent husband tells you that he bought 2 donkeys?

Mild cardiac arrest, gastrointestinal problems, a light stroke, and maybe complete mental break down. That's what I did anyway.

Seriously, Chad purchased 2 donkeys while I was away on mini vacay. It is now apparent to me that I can't leave him alone unsupervised with livestock of any kind. I asked him why he felt the need to purchase said, and yet unnamed donkeys. "They seemed so helpless, and they need a good home, and I though I could give that to them." Have you lost your mind? A good home?

In my professional opinion, he has lost his mind. I think there are other issues behind the donkey purchase, but that's another post for another day. Please keep in mind that Chad is seriously a country boy. But, ya'll know that by now. I don't understand his need or desire for smelly, noisy, horse like creatures. But, I guess that's OK. He probably doesn't understand my incessant desire to shop for shoes.

There was so very much more to my weekend, but I just couldn't get it all in one post. And I felt the need to devote today's entire post to the donkeys. Maybe they're growing on me. Nope, not yet. We have VBS this week, and the donkeys are making an appearance. They really will go with the theme, and it's not just a shameless attempt on our part to parade our prize winning donkeys around in front of our entire church. If you're a parent of one of our church members, please don't tell your kiddies that there will be a donkey at VBS tonight. Chad wanted to keep it a surprise.

I hope you're laughing by now. It really is quite comical in a sad and sick kinda way. I wanted to lighten your load on a Monday. More posting to come about our weekend, and of course VBS, and the "Passport to the Promised Land".


Joan Carr said...

LOL(the picture)really hard.

Jamie Lynn said...

pahahha.. i'm sorry nikki i have failed you"/ hahha i should have been like "chad what are you doing?" hahaha

he is right though, they were so helpless and nobody was bidding on them!! he was boosting their self esteem, maybe?

love you!