Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Did It!!

Even though it's only been a few days since Johanna went to the Lord, there are other parts of our life that still go on.  It's been hard for me to mentally keep up with those parts, but yesterday I made a valiant effort(at least in my estimation).  I went to the grocery store.  It doesn't sound like a great accomplishment, but I feel like it is, so I wanted to share it with ya'll because you've been here from the beginning.

I have tried couponing before, but I always get frustrated.  I don't save what I think is an adequate amount of money to justify the amount of time it takes to clip those coupons and research where the items are on sale.  Since, I have a little extra time on my hands I, with much help from my mother, decided it was time to try again.  So, yesterday in between running errands to the pharmacy and my office, "discussing" with AFLAC about getting my short term disability claim filed correctly, and having a mental break down on my husband about hanging and rearranging pictures, I went to the grocery store.  And yes, I was very tired yesterday evening and glad I don't have to go anywhere but church this evening.

In taking a cue from Myra, Kelly, and Mom I took a picture of my purchases for you.  Aren't you excited??  I know you are.  I was excited when I swiped my debit card.

I spent $43 on all of these items, but I saved $17.  My total before the store's advantage card and my clipped coupons was $61(there was some change in there making the total closer to $17 and not $18).  I would have stroked if I would have had to pay $61, but somehow $43 sounds a lot better.  The only things that I bought not on sale, and without a coupon were the 2 Dt Mtn Dew's, 2 Dt. Sun Drop's, the pack of chicken legs, and the loaf of bread.  2 of those items were necessities(yes our soft drink addiction demands that keeping well stocked on these items).

Later on last night I was blog hopping and ran across a link to get 100 postcard for only the shipping cost of $6.  They have Christmas designs, so I just designed one, paid my shipping fee, and my Christmas cards should be here in 3 weeks.   If you'll just go here, then click on Holiday on the left side of the page you can find everything you need.  I hope this works out as well as it looks like it will(and I'm not out $6).

I know it's not a lot of savings, and the super coupon clippers would probably be very disappointed with my progress thus far, but I'm super excited.  It makes me want to try again.  I think I will.

And on a totally unrelated, but still "I Did It" moment of the day.  My wedding rings fit again.  I was so excited to be able to slide them on easily yesterday morning.  YAY for small accomplishments!


Rebecca said...

Sometimes it's those small things that feel like really BIG accomplishments! I just got some family labels from Vistaprint; they look cute & arrived quickly and I paid the shipping which was just $3 (the labels were free). You'll have to let us see the postcards when you get them. Great job on the couponing! I love myself some good deals too :>)

Lucy and Ethel said...

You did a good job with the coupons and just going to the store, period!

And thinking about Christmas? I'm impressed.

And your rings fit, too?

Yep, you're doing a good job :)


Jamie Lynn said...

Yay !!
To the wedding rings, saving money, and linking things from your page.
How do you do it?
I've tried and tried"/

Anonymous said...

Girl I am so proud of you... I love hearing your little moments of an everyday life... My God continue to bless you and your family..praying always for you.

Kelly said...

Great job, Nikki!!! Isn't couponing so fun?! Once you do if for awhile it doesn't take as long to get organized and everything. My favorite deal website is: You may already know about this site, but it's awesome because the sale items are listed for various stores and also the paper coupons and printable coupons are listed too! is also another really good site.

Yay about your wedding ring! That's got to be exciting!!

Holly said...

I have always wanted to do the couponing thing. I use some coupons but it doesn't save me a lot. I just can't find the time to learn. I think you did great!!!!

Myra said...

Girl, you did so great! :)

Yay for your rings fitting again! I know the feeling and it's good.

Praying for you!