Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In Dad's Words

Today I as I was trying to conjure up something to blog about I was reading through some of my recent old posts.  I was reading the ones that related to Johanna, and got to linking, and linked to my Dad's blog.  Somehow, I missed this post in those first few days after she was born.  My mind still isn't functioning properly, so I'm missing a lot still at this point too.  Anyway, I wanted to share this with ya'll.  These are the words my Daddy used to describe his granddaughter.  These words are so precious to me.  I'm a self proclaimed Daddy's girl.  Always have been and always will be.  I hope you enjoy these words from a grandfather as much as I did.  Thanks Daddy, love you very very much.

Yesterday, we both met and said goodbye to our granddaughter Johanna Raye Carswell. In her birth we saw the Lord answer several specific prayers; in her death we have experienced His all-sufficient, amazing grace.

Our family has known about Johanna’s condition since April. During that time, we have sought to educate ourselves about Trisomy 18. So, when the time came for her to be born, we were under no illusions that she would be here long. We knew that she would have several profound, and ultimately fatal, physical issues. We knew that her life could be a few minutes or a few months. We knew that Trisomy 18 is a fatal condition in 100% of cases.

While we knew all those things, any many more besides, we still sought the Lord and His will in the matter. We asked Him to allow her to be born alive so her mom and dad could spend some time with the daughter God had blessed them with. We asked God that He so work in her little body that her physical deformities would be minimal. We asked God that she be spared from suffering and pain after she was born. God answered every one of these prayers for us, and we praise Him for that!

Nikki and Chad were blessed with 63 special minutes with Johanna. We were told that Johanna would have clubbed hands, she did not! She had beautiful, long fingers. While she definitely exhibited some clear signs of being a Trisomy 18 baby, she was absolutely beautiful to us. When the time came for her to leave us behind, she passed from earth to Heaven quietly and peacefully. God has been so gracious to us!

While we are saddened that we could not keep Johanna with us; we are rejoicing in our heavenly hope. We know where she is. We know she is well today. We know that we will meet her in glory someday. We will miss the many little, and big, things that mark the life of a baby girl who lives to adulthood, but we rejoice that Johanna has been spared the pain and heartache of this life.

Dad's blog is here  and his website is here if you want to check him out.  His entire site has a lot of great Bible study helps, and he's a fantastic writer.


Holly said...

Those are beautiful words from your dad. I can feel the love and many other emotions coming from them.

Jamie Lynn said...

I read this post when he first put it up and I loved how he wrote it.
He really is a good writer.

Kelly said...

This is a beautiful post from your Dad. It brought tears to my eyes. I can tell that his heart is overflowing with the love of God.