Thursday, November 12, 2009

What a Day!!!!!

So, apparently my favorite lappy has been infected with the swine flu, or a deceptive anti-virus scanner that really isn't an anti-virus scanner, but is actually a virus after all.  If you can't trust your local hacker then who can you trust?  I maybe have it off now, if now then the lappy will have to go to the hospital(Dad's house), and have a cardio-version(be formatted).

Also today I helped Mom get Chad's Christmas present, put 2 suits and his Christmas present on lay away, get my hair chopped and stained, have lunch with my parents, eat canoli for the very first time(YUM!!!!!), and have a very long heart felt soul wrenching talk with my Mom. 

It's been great and now I'm tired.  Gonna get the wee one in the little bed, and then head to the big bed myself. 

More intelligent things to come tomorrow.  Stop laughing.


Joan Carr said...

I enjoyed out day together and look forward to Saturday.

Jamie Lynn said...

Hahaha, Clayton..
I thought about him and his noodle butt today and laughed:)

Kari @ p.s. said...

Loved the descriptions in this post. I'm getting my hair chopped and stained in a couple weeks!
Hope you have a good nights rest.