Friday, November 13, 2009

The Next Thing

It's been 3 weeks since we both met, and then a little over an hour later, said "see ya in a little while" to Johanna.  At times that day feels like it was literally moments ago, and at other times it feels like it's been years. 

I ran across a quote from Elisabeth Elliot today that spoke volumes to me.  Elisabeth Elliot was the wife of missionary Jim Elliot.  Jim Elliot, along with 4 other missionaries, was visciously murdered by a group of Acua Indians.  After her husband's murder, Elisabeth and their daughter Valerie, continued their work with the Acua Indians, eventually having a number of their ladies live in their home.  Through God working through the Indian ladies that lived with Elisabeth, she was able to eventually live in the Acua village.  Elisabeth was so open to what God was doing in and around her that she witnessed and ministered to the same fierce group of people that had killed her husband. 

How does a person, especially a wife and mother, do that?  How did she see this needy group of people as God saw them?  How did she look past the pain that they had caused her and see their great and tragic need for a Savior?  I have no idea, but she did.  She was able to see the big picture.  Our hurts, and the the tragedies of our life aren't about us.  Sure, they affect us in a way that is sometimes hurts beyond words.  My heart hurts so bad sometimes that I feel like it might break clean in 2.  But Johanna's life and death aren't about me.  It's OK to hurt and to experience the hurt.  But it isn't about me.  It's about an almighty God that loves me.  It's about turning all of my praise and worship back to Him.  Elisabeth Elliot was able to see this, and because she was able to see this, God used her to witness to a ruthless group of people.  One lady reached an unreachable group of people.  That's amazing. 

I'm still praying that God will help me to look past me, and show me how to minister to those around me.  To see others as He sees them.  To see others as someone's mother/father/son/daughter/friend/aunt/uncle/grandparent/neighbor.............etc.

This it the quote that I mentioned above: "Sometimes, life is so hard you can only do the next thing.  Whatever that is, just do the next thing.  God will meet you there.".

God is helping me "do the next thing". 


Monica said...

Amazing quote. I think I need that tattooed on my forehead some days!

Simply Donna...... said...

Girl you have ministered to others through out your pregnancy. Many people have been touched by you, Chad and Johanna. I know this is a tough time for you guys, but know in your heart that God has worked wonders with Johanna and will continue to do so.

I love you and you are one of the strongest people I have ever met in my life. I am thankful everyday that God allowed our paths to cross. You are the friend I needed when I had give up on ever having a true friend again.

My shoulders are always available if you need one to lean on. Please allow me to do that for you, as you did for me.

I love the quote and perhaps should post it everywhere for me to see daily.

Thanks for being a very special friend.

Lil Red Momma said...

You are daily an inspiration to me, but I just wanted to drop in and tell you that I am glad you reminded me to just look for "the next thing." Billy, myself, and the kids send our love and prayers to you, Chad and little Clayton.

Holly said...

This reminds me to stay focused on today and to not worry about yesterday or tommorrow. God is in control.

Jamie Lynn said...

I love how God works and how He is right there in that "next thing" right when you need it most.

Angela said...

Oh what insight you have in such a challenging time as this! If only everyone could see with such God-filled eyes what you see right now, and that is that God knows the big picture. I'm so filled with joy about this post and you have to know that it is God's special grace that allows you to see these things even through all the pain and grief you are experiencing. :) Big Hugs!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

I have always been so amazed at the strength of Jim Elliott's family. His wife gives deeper meaning to the word Christian.

I love that quote. I am still praying for you Nikki and for Chad. I love to read about Johanna. I know her little life was short, but it was oh, so meaningful to God and to you.

Love you -