Friday, November 27, 2009

Yup........I Did It

I hit the mean streets this morning at 4:15am with my hubby.

I go Black Friday shopping every year, but I rarely hit the very early sales.  In fact I've only ever done it one other time. But Chad(after much begging) and I decided to lose our minds this morning.  We hit up Walmart in Hickory first and marked a few things off my list.  Walmart had some super deals on TV's today.  We aren't in the market for a TV but a lot of our fellow shoppers were.  There were elbows and TV's going everywhere.  After Walmart we hit up the mall.  I was so excited for some great Children's Place deals, but I didn't find anything Clayton couldn't live without.  I had one sweater in my hand, then decided that it wasn't worth waithing in a line about 73 people deep for a $10 sweater.  We also hit up JC Penney and Belk while we were at the mall.  And in the process knocked another person off of my shopping list, and got a start on another.  After the mall we went to Dick's(boring), but we knocked yet another person off of our list, and since I had a coupon Chad was able to get something too.  And then we stopped at the grocery store.  The dog was out of food and the sale price at BiLo was cheaper than the regular price at Walmart.  Once we were done at the grocery store we hit up yet another Walmart(the one in Morganton).  I was able to finish off yet another 2 people there and get a 3rd almost finished.

Now we're home waiting on the Alabama/Auburn game to begin.  Needless to say I am very tired.  We had a lot of fun though.  All in all it was a very productive day.

Tomorrow our youth choir is singing at a kiln firing up in the mountains.  I expect it to be............cold.  It should be interesting on this piano player's fingers.


Allison said...

You are brave! I didnt even attempt to venture out until way after everyone else went home haha Not as good of deals but I have no money so it made us buy less :)

Lucy and Ethel said...

I agree, you ARE brave! Yikes.

I wanted to share this link with you in case you missed it (I think I saw it on the Yahoo news page) -

Hugs from the mountains -