Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I have wanted to do this forever.  And well I'm just now brave enough to do it. 

Deep Breath............................

I don't know a lot of ya'll in the real world and I would love to know you much better and let you get to know me better(if you want to).  And real life peeps ask me stuff too if you want.  Here's how we're gonna do this.  Leave me a comment asking me anything.  And I'll answer your questions.  And if it's something I don't want the entire WWW to know I'll shoot you an email(but ya'll know I'm pretty open and honest).  This may be slightly narcissistic(or a lot) but I love it when other peeps have this on their blog and well I just want to impliment it on mine.

I'll try to wait about a week to answer the Q's with my A's.

Thanks for indulging my very strange ideas.


Pam said...

GREAT IDEA!!!!! I might try that on my blog to. I'm always curious about the people who stop in.
I hope you are doing well. Things have been crazy and a bit stressful.
I'll come up with a question for you. I will have to think on that one. Oh, can you send me your "method" to all of the freezer cooking that you did. I'm really considering doing that. I love the idea!!!!!
Have a great Day!!!!

Holly said...

I did this once and it was fun to answer questions!

What was the first thing that went through your head when you found out Johanna had Trisomy 18?

What was the nicest thing that someone did for you while you were waiting with her? After her birth?

What is your favorite memory of your husband?

What is your favorite memory of your son?

Holly said...

What is your favorite memory of your daughter?

If you could take a family vacation somewhere, where would you go?

Tamara said...

HI, well here is my question. You describe yourself as a "Type A" controller, which is exactly how I would describe myself. My husband drives me bonkers leaving his coat laying over the backs of couches, chairs, floor, railing, posts - anything except the actual closet or hooks in the entrance way.....GRRRR. Sufficed to say, it's something we're both working on! Anyway, my question from one Type A to another is:

Did you, (like me) have a specific plan of how far apart in age your kids were going to be, and how many you were having, and basically have the exact months you wanted to get pregnant in, nailed down to a tee? If so, has it been something you've had to work through, knowing that this plan (or whatever it was), is now not going to come true? And does it bother you at all that your kids, (not forgetting about the one in heaven) will now be further spaced in age? I guess the reason I"m asking this is because I am trying to get pregnant with my second one, and so far it hasn't happened. Our first was a total accident, so I didn't have the stress of trying with her, now we're onto our 4th month of, "trying" and while I know it's totally normal, it's still frusterating for me, because I like to control everything, and it's like I have a timeline in my head of when everything SHOULD happen, and when it doesn't I get really irritated! Anyway, so that is my question.

Jamie Lynn said...

What was you & Chad's first date?
I've known y'all my whole life & I don't know the answer to this question.. hahaha.
I also want details of how it went and whatnot:)

Maryellen said...

How come you don't post any photos of yourself on your blog, we'd love to see more of you :)

Carrie said...

Hi! What are you favorite beauty products?

Also, I would love it if you would post all of your freezer cooking recipes!

Have a good day!