Thursday, January 7, 2010

Game Day

It's game day at the Carswell Manor(Roll Tide).  If I have time I try to make special food on game day.  I make boy food.  Usually it's chili.  Today I decided to take a more healthy approach to game day food.  We're having steak quesidallas.  I've never made them before so this should be very interesting.

Here's what I planned to do.  Last week I cut some sirloin in to strips and pan fryed them.  I used no oil and seasoned them with chili powder, paprika, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, and just a shake of worcetershire sauce.  I stuck those babies in the freezer and let them chill out.

Tonight I will heat them up and also add in a few onions.  When I assemble the quesadilla I will also add salsa and just a little cheese.  Yummy.

That's what's on the menu for the big championship game tonight.  It's gonna be a great game.  We've waited all season for it.  Our game shirts are on(yes we really do have them), and the flag's out on the porch.  Only one thing left to say.



Kelly said...

Yummy! Those sound amazing! Roll Tide :)

Jamie Lynn said...

I don't really care about the ball but I want to try those quisadillas.

Anonymous said...

I am from ALABAMA...and I AM SO proud to say this is OUR team..OUR coach and OUR CHAMPIONSHIP...and you cant touch it!! ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!! ..Texas, your STEAKS ARE DONE.. well DONE I may add.

Your dinner only needed some A1..Alabama #!