Saturday, January 2, 2010


We did it!!  Mom and I cooked all day long.  Our freezers are stocked and ready for our busy January.  For your viewing pleasure, a pictorial of the day.

Our supply of food before we started.

Mom, Mattie(that'd be the dog) and her clean kitchen before we started.

Our helpers for the day.

The once clean and organized food table after the madness insued.

Dual crockpots doing double duty.

3 pounds of brown hamburger meat.  I think we browned 10 pounds all total.

All the burners were going, and the oven was cooking.  I bet we used a ton of gas today.

Mattie was in love with the trash.

Mom and Dad still have snow on their deck.  And Clayton must play in the "no".

 The counter of food once we were finished.

We created an entire large bag of trash today.  Ridiculous.

And just because he's cute.

We made a ton of food.  Here's the final count.
  • 2 Baked Spaghettis (1 each)
  • 4 Lasagna (2 each)
  • 3 Turkey Pies(2 for me and 1 for mom)
  • 4 Mexican Chicken Soup (2 each)
  • 2 Tomato Chicken Gumbo (1 each)
  • 2 Chicken Primavera (1 each)
  • 65 BBQ Meatballs (packed in 2 Ziploc bags each)
  • 2 Chili Beans (1 each)
  • 2 Pumpkin Breads (1 each)
That's comes out to 12 meals and 1 Pumpkin Bread for both Mom and Me.  It was fun, I'm tired, and I'm glad it's over.  At least until February.  Against our better judgement we think we're gonna do this again.


Joan Carr said...

WE forgot to post the 2 Alfredo sauces that we made and froze,(1 for each of us)

Monica said...

Now you need to post recipes!! Looks great!

Kelsey said...

What a great idea!

Jamie Lynn said...

I'm proud of u and cooking and all! && yes clayton is the cutesy. :):):)

Jennifer said...

Yes, i agree with monica, you do need to post recipes, it all sounds great!!! Glad you had fun.

Holly said...

Gosh, I would love to do this! Unfortunately, hubby does not like reheating things and will not eat it that way. I don't know why. He's weird like that.